December 2019 Brand Collab: OY-L Beauty

By: Olive Thompson

OY-L is an independent line of 100% natural luxury skin care products. I love the fact that OY-L is so transparent with what is in their products. Additionally, NONE of their products are tested on animals and ALL of their products are plant based. With this month’s Beau Bag, our Beau babes will be receiving an exclusive 25% off from OL-Y. 


I love that there is such a variety in the types of products that OY-L offers. This means there is something for everyone. I especially love their kits which make it easier to narrow down which products are right for your skin. OY-L has normal, oily, and dry skin kits so you will definitely be able to find the right products for you!


Not looking for skincare products for you? I know that I love receiving skin care so OY-L would make a great gift for the end of the year. Whatever you are celebrating, do it with clear skin! OY-L makes it super easy to find the perfect gift with their different kits. If you are subscribed to Beau you will receive 25% off your order.