November: Top 3 Products for Better Sleep

By Olive Thompson


Anyone else’s sleep schedule non existent? With the cold weather, end of the year and holiday stress, it makes sense that we are all a bit sleep deprived. I’m in college so finding a healthy sleep pattern has been a bit of a kick in the butt–but necessary. Here are my top 3 tips + products for better sleep!


Drink Tea: I’m not sure why drinking a hot drink around bedtime is so helpful! Any sleep experts out there? Certainly not right before you go to bed though…nobody wants to be ruining a good night’s sleep by getting up to go to the bathroom. I’ve been having a lot of caffeine free chai. My favorite is from Tazo!

download (1).jpg

Essential Oil Diffuser: My best friend got me a room diffuser for Christmas last year and I turn it on almost every night! With the heaters on this time of year, sometimes our rooms get stuffy which makes it hard to sleep. Room diffusers are a great way to clear out the air in the room and swap it out with a scent of your choice. I personally find lavender the most relaxing. 

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Mario Badescu Facial Spray: Similar to the essential oil diffuser, this facial spray has lavender oil which is known for its relaxing aroma. Facial sprays are normally used right after makeup or skin care, but I love using this one right before bed. Just like a pillow spray but for your face! This mist is great for any type of skin. 


*All images courtesy of each brand*