November 2019 Beau Bag: Bringing back the Bold

By: Olive Thompson

It’s November already? It’s practically the end of the year…and guess who kept their new year’s resolution? Definitely not me! I have no shame in that, but I do know that I don’t want to be keeping undies I’ve had in my drawer for years! Thank goodness for November’s Beau Bag!


Because this month’s cheekies and thongs are so simple, the delicate details of the floral lace really stands out. Less is more! With really breathable material, these will be your new favorite pair of undies! I love the sheer, vertical stripes–if you’ve been a Beau Babe, you’ll know that the stripe-y design is super comfy!


November’s bag has brought back bold colors. They come in Juniper Plum and Juniper Black. Not sure if I’m the only one, but I love matching my underwear to parts of my outfit. I am definitely wearing more bright, statement colors this time of year. 


Speaking of this time of year, a Beau Bag subscription is a great holiday gift for those of us who want to get ahead on their end of the year shopping. Whatever you may be celebrating (maybe its yourself) this time of year, do it with a Beau Bag subscription! Place your orders HERE before November 15th to get in on this month’s bag.