Top 3 Hair Masks for the Colder Months

By Olive Thompson

No matter where you live, every girl has spent hours on their hair only to have it messed up by the weather. Ugh, we feel you. The colder months can be ROUGH. With holiday parties are just around the corner, this is the time of year that I start adding more heat to my hair. (Until next year soft beachy waves…we miss you.) For anyone who is looking to maintain their healthy, summer hair throughout the winter–this post is for you! Here is my top 3 Hair masks for the colder months.

OGX Water Cream Hydrating Treatment:

I bought the OGX water trio at ULTA last winter and it has been keeping my hair healthy all year! My favourite out of the 3 is the water mask.  I use it right after the shower and since I shower at night, I love how lightweight it feels since going to bed with a head full of product is NOT fun. It’s fresh, floral scent is subtle enough to make sure your hair smells good, but doesn’t clash with any of the other scents you put on over.


Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Mask: I wasn’t quite sure if it was worth the hype, however even after the first try, I saw dramatic results. I dye my hair a lot which leaves it pretty damaged, but after using this mask, there is visible shine. Whatever state your hair may be in, this mask rejuvenates and revitalizes your hair. Super excited that Briogeo doesn’t use sulfates or parabens in their products! We love a clean and cruelty free brand! 


OUAI Hair Treatment Mask: This great smelling mask does wonders and only takes 5 minutes to work! It can be used in place of conditioner or as an extra add on it. The sleek, simple packaging makes it easy to store in the shower. As a bonus, it’s individual packages are great for travel! I’ve got dry and damaged hair, but with the weather changing, I’d recommend this for any hair type since it is so revitalizing and nourishing.