You Need to Calm Down..with candles!

By Olive Thompson

Taylor Swift’s new song You Need to Calm Down, has never been more true! One of my personal favourite ways to destress and unwind are candles. Aromatherapy candles are your new best friend! If you haven’t tried them before or need some new ones: here are some of my top picks! (They happen to mostly be pink, which was totally not on purpose…don’t worry! The one that isn’t pink has a diamond in it)

Girl, You Need to Calm the F Down:

If you need a bit of comic relief, this is the best candle for the job. This candle would make a great gift for a gal in your life that…well…the candle says it all. It’s Japanese Cherry Tree smell is light and airy — perfect for anyone who needs to lighten up!


Vanilla Patchouli by Bath and Body Works

In my opinion, Bath and Body Works can do no wrong. I am OBSESSED with their vanilla scents. Some people find sweet scents over-powering, but this candle was made for comfort! I would definitely recommend this scent for someone who loves sweet scents, but wants one that it is a bit more toned down. 


“Lena” by Bijou: Beau recently partnered with Bijou candles and since then I have been loving their Lena one. With lavender and chamomile, it’s impossible not to feel relaxed. Not gonna lie, I am not a huge supporter of chamomile tea, but in a candle it smells AMAZING. This is my go to candle to burn in the bath. 

“Stress Relief Diamond Candle” by Forever Wick:  Running out of a great candle is equivalent to heartbreak. Just kidding, but seriously… it’s the worst. Except with Forever Wick’s Diamond candle because this one has a diamond in it! The smell of lemon grass alone had me sold but diamonds??? Girl. Certainly one of the best aromatherapy candles on the market even if it didn’t include a little diamond.