August 2019 Brand Collab: Fit Fat and All That

By Olive Thompson

We want our Beau babes are feeling sexy and confident in their new undies. Here at Beau we want to empower and improve your life! This month we have partnered with Fit Fat and All That. Included with this month’s Beau bag, you will receive a free consultation!

Fit Fat and All That is working with women and their relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness. Educating yourself on your body and the food you are putting in it does wonders on your self confidence and overall mental health.


Let’s get real, the media doesn’t do a great job promoting healthy diets and a positive self image. We live in a diet culture and a lot of the diets advertised are terrible for your body! If you are struggling with dieting, workouts, and your relationship with your body, talking to a recovery coach is SO helpful. Even if you aren’t struggling,  talking to someone who genuinely cares about your health is a great way to receive tips to better yourself.

Be sure to subscribe to Beau’s monthly bag for a free consultation. And because we care about everyone, not just our beau babes, go check out Fit Fat and All That’s website for more information! Everyone’s body is beautiful and deserves care. Take care of yourselves and have a great month!