Summer Lip Care Picks

By: Olive Thompson

Happy June Beau Babes! Here is your friendly reminder to keep those lips hydrated and taken care of! The importance of skin protection has been drilled into our heads so much that it’s impossible to forget. But it is easy to forget that your lips are part of skincare! We might think giving our lips a little TLC is a cold weather thing, but it is just as essential in the heat. So let’s keep those lips hydrated and well taken care of!

Honey Belle Lip Balm:

  • The most basic lip product is lip balm, but basic doesn’t have to mean boring! The “matcha kiss” lip balm from Honey Belle is a great way to take care of your lips. Made with only Organic Almond Oil, Organic Beeswax, and Organic Cocoa Butter, it is safe to assume that what you are putting on your lips is good for them!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve:

  • Not into tube balms, but still want a great lippie? I have been using Smith’s Rosebud Salve as my go-to lip moisturiser for about a year now and still haven’t run out. I just recently learned that it can be used on chapped knees and elbows– which are definitely parts of the body that I forget to moisturise. On the lips, it comes off as a light and clear gloss. Definitely a summer staple!


Ofra Lip Exfoliator:

  • Even if we do keep our lips super hydrated, it’s important to exfoliate. The best thing about the Ofra Lip Exfoliator, is the pink tint that it leaves behind! I love that the packaging is similar to a lipstick bullet so it easily fits in your purse with zero mess.


Philosophy Lip Serum Stick:

  • I was a bit skeptical about how much a lip serum could actually do, especially since I was already using balms and exfoliating! What more did I need to do? Luckily, with the Philosophy Lip Serum Stick, not much more! I love this product because it is effective even if I forget to use it on the daily! Since it is in balm form, it’s just one more swipe over the balm and your lips are nourished, smoothed and prepped for the day!


This summer be sure to check out these lip care products and have a great rest of your week. Thanks for reading Beau Babes!

*All images courtesy of each brand*