May’s Feature: LOLI Beauty

By: Olive Thompson

Many of us strive to support ethical and sustainable brands, which is why we are super excited to be partnering with LOLI Beauty for May’s Beau Bag! This month, our Beau Babes will be receiving a 25% off coupon code so you can try them out.


Skincare is one of the most important parts of our beauty routines, so investing in products we can trust is essential. LOLI Beauty uses organic ingredients that are raw, fair trade, non-GMO and up-cycled from food for zero waste. The variety of products that LOLI Beauty offers makes it possible for every skin type to find a product that works for them!


As someone with combination skin, I am looking forward to incorporating the Pank Plum Elixir into my routine. I love how versatile these products are! Many of the LOLI elixirs be used for skin, hair and nails!


Another best seller is the Matcha Coconut Paste, which can be used to fight dark spots and breakouts. Using natural ingredients like Matcha and Coconut is a great way to revitalize your beauty routine!


With the 25% code in May’s Beau Bag, there is no way you can turn down these amazing, ethically made products! Subscribe by May 15th to receive this month’s undies and the LOLI Beauty code!