All About April’s Undies

By Olive Thompson


Hey there Beau Babes! Anyone packing for spring break? Don’t forget your Beau undies! Not going away? You can still treat yourself to this month’s designs. April’s “Gem” cheekies and thongs come in Graphite and Blush Pink.


Blush Pink is the PERFECT colour for the change of seasons because as the cold decreases, the amount of pastel we wear increases. Nobody wants their underwear showing through–even if it is super cute! Last year’s light-toned undies definitely need a refresh, so this month’s Beau Undie Bag has your back. The Gem Graphite Cheeky is a unique neutral–I can’t say I have another pair this colour! I’d say Graphite is this Spring’s new black.


Even though it’s Spring, we still aren’t ready to say good-bye to layers! Both the cheekies and thongs have a layer of polka dotted mesh over the silky fabric. This double layer prevents from transparency and also makes it a stronger, high-quality piece.


My favourite part of this month’s pair is definitely the triangle cutouts. I’m not living in fear that the elastic will stretch out to much which is a massive perk. You know what I’m talking about–we’ve all had cut out underwear that stretched too much to look good.

Be sure to order on or before April 14th if you want to get in on this month’s designs. Grab them before they’re sold out! You can subscribe here!

Have a lovely rest of the month Beau Babes 🙂