Let’s face it – 99.9% of us probably hold onto old undies for way longer than their expiration date. Dig into your undie drawer and I guarantee you’ll find at least one pair you’d be embarrassed  to wear – so why keep it?

Saying goodbye is hard, but we’re here to remind you that Spring is fast approaching this March and there’s no better time to start fresh with some good old Spring Cleaning! Throw out your nasty old pairs, and say hello to fresh, cute undies that (as Marie Kondo would say) SPARKS JOY with a Beau Bag subscription!

Our March designs are on point this month! The Jessica Cheekies are a soft, floral lace design with criss cross side details topped off with a cute bow. The seamless lace edges will save  your buns from showing lines through your clothes – which is very important.
These Jessica Cheekies are an enhanced basic lace cheeky that will make you feel like the pretty little thing that you are. They come in a soft blush pink and white this month helping you stay cute and comfy this Spring.


But sometime you just want to feel like a sexy queen and that’s okay too. Get on with your bad self in our Lexi thongs showcasing a thicker lace waist with an eye-catching strappy criss-cross detail on the front.

Seriously ladies, these will have you purring like a kitten when you check yourself out in the mirror. They come in a cute pastel yellow and a sexy daredevil black.


Get yours now before it’s too late!
March Beau Bag orders end on March 14th and some sizes are already sold out.
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Your size sold out? No worries, preorder and we will get you on the waitlist  and start your subscription as soon as we’re back in stock.