4 Tips to Kickstart Your New Year AFTER the January Craziness Ends!

by Marissa West (ACE CPT) + Heidi Schmidt (NASM CPT), West Kept Secret


  1. Jumpstart your new healthy journey by CUTTING DOWN YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE! You will immediately notice your weight begin to drop. We recommend clients find a range they are comfortable with for social events, so they are still enjoyable. For example, if they are used to drinking 5 drinks at a happy hour, we recommend they cut back to 3 drinks and right there they will have saved roughly 200 calories that will equate to fast weight loss. Ultimately, this could lead to visible change and motivate them to cut back their alcohol intake even more!
  2. MAKE A CHANGE! Any healthy change you can make to your normal eating and/or fitness routines will be sure to jump start weight loss. This can be as simple as changing up your diet (upping your protein and lowering your carbs, for example) and/or going on a walk (eventually a jog, to eventually a run) a few times a week. We tell all prospective clients that if what you’re doing right now is not giving you the weight loss results you want, make some healthy changes; once you see results mentally / physically / in your energy level, you will be motivated to continue these newly formed habits and be sure to see more positive change as time goes on!

  3. Maybe you work out all the time or eat healthy at every meal (or do both), but for some reason you’re not seeing the start of weight loss you had intended. IDENTIFY WHERE YOU’RE MISSING! No, you have not peaked; you just have to see where you’re missing! It’s always best to consult a specialist in this quest for answers. A certified personal trainer (CPT) can talk with you about your workouts and pinpoint what may need to be added or taken away from your fitness routine depending on your weight loss goals. The same goes for food, but with a certified nutritionist, to discuss how you can make changes in the kitchen to start your weight loss journey!

  4. Never been a super active person? START WALKING! Start losing weight by simply walking for 15-30 minutes a day. Walking is a low impact form of exercise that you can do anywhere (on a treadmill, in place at home or work, or outside). It will jump start your weight loss program by creating a healthy habit you can stick to everyday!