Quick Holiday Workout

by Marissa West + Heidi Schmidt, West Kept Secret

Traveling for the holidays? Does your family live “in the middle of nowhere”? Are you heading to a place where there aren’t those boutique fitness studios we know and love? How about – are you staying home, but your favorite gyms have shortened holiday hours? Are you in charge of the holiday dinner or dessert and feel like prep time is taking away from exercise time? No problem!

Here’s an easy way to elevate your heart rate, make you sweat and work every muscle in your body in a short amount of time.. did we mention you do not need any props? Find yourself a little bit of room and challenge yourself with BURPEES!


Burpees require you to begin standing with your feet apart, hip width distance. Bending your knees in a squatting fashion, place your hands in front of feet. From here, jump your legs back into a plank position and melt to the floor. Once you have made it to the floor, use your upper body and core to snap your legs up into a squat stance with your chest lifted. Now you are almost there! From here, perform a small jump with arms by your side to finish.

Burpees are a total body exercise, requiring every muscle group to work; it strengthens your upper and lower body and your core and fuses high intensity cardio principles with strength, to lead to ultimate toning. Burpees are a plyometric movement, so your heart rate elevates quickly.

You can do several fun workouts including just burpees! One of our favorites is Death By Burpees,” See workout below:

Minute 1: Perform 1 burpee, STOP
Minute 2: Perform 2 burpees, STOP
Minute 3: Perform 3 burpees, STOP

*Then REPEAT as many burpees as you can during the designated minute (you only have 60 seconds, so take that rest when you can!), until you reach fatigue. Notate what minute/how many burpees you completed and strive to beat that number, during your next attempt!

Now you have no excuses babes. #sorrynotsorry

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