Stay Fit While Traveling

October 5, 2018  |  Heidi Schmidt of WKS
Travel can wreak havoc on your body, so we strive to maintain a regular exercise schedule while traveling to assist in adjusting to everything from time zone / environmental changes and de-stressing when you’re out of town. Exercise is also a key component in improving mental health and well-being; don’t you want to feel happy and relaxed on vacation or get that morning sweat session in before your business meeting? Exercise does that for you! Most hotels these days are not skimping when it comes to the machine options they provide, but what if you arrive to get your workout done and all equipment is being used? No problem! Do this quick 20-minute West Kept Secret HIIT circuit to get your day started pre-sightseeing or Powerpoint presentation!
Interval: Complete 1 minute of work at each station. Repeat as many cycles through for the time you have available (1 cycle = 10 minutes; so 4 cycles, for example, is 40 minutes of work!)
Equipment needed: none; bodyweight only. Also, workout can be done outside if weather permits!
  1. 1 min high knees
  2. 1 min jumping jacks
  3. 1 min burpees
  4. 1 min butt kicks
  5. 1 min mtn climbers
  6. 1 min tricep dips
  7. 1 min plank hold
  8. 1 min hollow rocks
  9. 1 min jump squats
  10. 1 min side to side plank dips