INKLING SCENTS – Nature’s Perfumes!

High quality, rich fragrances that AREN’T packed with chemicals. Um, yes please!
Check out our brand highlight this month: Inkling Scents!

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Glad you asked because we’re obsessed with this brand’s perfumes.
Inkling Scents offers fragrances for women, men and unisex. The fragrances are all alcohol free and are composed of 100% pure essential and fragrance oils! YASSS. Did we also mention that they are also vegan and cruelty-free?

The scents smell absolutely divine and lasts all day. And thank god, because ain’t nobody got time worrying about being stinky and having to reapply throughout the day. Not cute, not fun. Once applied, you’re good to go for the entire day smelling like the goddess you are.

Inkling also offers a wide variety of scents, so there’s something for everyone. And guess what? If you’re a #beaubabe with a subscription this month (October), you’re in for an amazing surprise in your monthly Beau Bag! We’re giving away 5 sample scents from Inkling for you to try out! SERIOUSLY.

Not a #beaubabe yet? The f* are you waiting for honey? Get it now before October orders close on 10/15/18 or until they sell out! Don’t miss your chance at cute undies this fall and smelling like a queen while you’re rocking them.
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Need some more convincing? Check out the reviews below for yourself!