SEPTEMBER 2018 BEAU BAG: Super Sexy September

August 29, 2018 | By Erika Hernandez


Lola Cheekies
Hey Beau babes! Let’s talk about the cutest pair of cheekies yet! Not only are these soft and sexy undies super comfortable but the design just gives you all the feels. These polka dotted mesh undies have nothing but flirty written all over them. The combination of floral lace and rounded trim gently wraps around your waist and thighs, adding the perfect medley of comfort and design. And who doesn’t want a perfectly shaped rounded booty?? These little beauties hug your back side just right and is accompanied by a delicate silk tied ribbon on the back. These cheekies are also lined with 100% cotton giving you all the comfort you need throughout the day. You don’t want to miss out on these Lola Cheekies as they are a must have in your panty collection! Grab them in white or pink if you’re a mixed babe or get both in a Cheeky bag this month!


Krystal Thongs
Life is too short to wear boring undies. Period. These gorgeous thongs are eye poppingly stylish, elegant, and has just the right amount of edge to them. With a delicate floral lace in the front, soft (and super stretchy) striped elastic waist band and silk backing, these Krystal Thongs give you just what you need in a cute and comfy thong! These sexy thongs are breathable and lined with 100% cotton, designed to keep you feeling relaxed and confident during your day. This unique design comes in pink or black or get them both depending on your Beau bag of choice. If you want to stay away from boring, these baddies are just what you need to add a little bit of spice in your life!