3 Steps to Fixing Broken Makeup

August 20th, 2018   |    Lisa Ju

You know that heart-stopping moment you realize you’ve dropped an expensive powder or blush? When you’re too scared to see how many pieces it’ll be in when you open it?

And before the pain settles in, you quickly repurchase your broken product so you don’t have to deal with the heartache? We’ve all been there.

Well those days of crying over spilled milk (broken foundations, blushes, eyeshadows) are over! Follow the below three steps to makeup that’s good as new.

What you need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol – you can find a reasonably large bottle for under $4 at any drugstore or grocery store)

3 Easy Steps!

  1. This first step may be a little painful. You’re going to have to break all the pieces into a fine powder – even the bits that are not broken. Painful, I know.
  2. Use a little cup, a dropper, or if you’re really lazy like me – just carefully pour straight from the alcohol bottle.. a few drops into the product. You want the fine powder to turn into a thick paste. You can use a mini spatula to smooth the product over, but again, if you’re lazy like me.. it will be fine as is.
  3.  Leave it overnight to dry, and voila! Good as new! …minus the fact that it may look a little lumpy, but hey! It still works, right?!IMG_2812.jpg