Fitness Spotlight: Interview with West Kept Secret’s Owner, Marissa West!

Beau Undies had the privilege of  interviewing with West Kept Secret’s Owner, Marissa West and we can’t wait to share it with you now! Marissa, along with West Kept Secret’s Master Trainer, Heidi Schmidt, will be regular fitness bloggers on the Beau Blog, so stay tuned to stay fit!

Marissa is a former Carolina Panthers NFL cheerleader and a certified & accredited personal trainer through ACE. Her unique methodology, including cardio, strength training, and pilates, is currently Trademark pending. Read more below to get in on Marissa West and the West Kept Secret brand!


How did you first get involved with fitness and health?
“Growing up, I was always an athlete! I was a gymnast for 10 years and a competitive dancer, so I’ve naturally always loved exercise and staying in shape. I decided to audition for the Carolina Panthers dance team (the TopCats), so I hired a trainer who was extremely inspirational and took my body to the next level while I remained dedicated to the process. He instilled in me that all transformations are possible, for myself, my body, and for anyone who wants to make a change. From there, my journey to help others in fitness and health started!”

What is West Kept Secret (WKS) and how did it get started?
“West Kept Secret started after trying various workouts around the city I live in and loving small portions or certain pieces of each workout. Unfortunately, each facility was already well established in their programming and I felt the best results for our clients would come from a fusing all of the different elements together into one methodology. After testing it out with clients, the results happened, and they happened fast. West Kept Secret is not a workout.. it’s not a fitness class. We combine strength, cardio, pilates, and core for a body changing, soul heightening, sweat experience. Our methodology and creative combinations will push you beyond what you think you can do. West Kept Secret is a movement, and a lifestyle, where you lose excuses and find results.”

What is your favorite part about helping people with their fitness and health?
“Obviously, seeing the results produced inside of West Kept Secret’s walls is an amazing feeling and probably my favorite part; it’s unlike a lot of experiences a trainer may ever have in the fitness industry. Also, seeing our clients crush short and long-term goals while building meaningful relationships with each of them, is priceless. When I look back at the evolution of West Kept Secret, it’s a very rewarding trip down memory lane! Still a lot of “favorites” left to establish, though!”

Could you share a client success story?
“Seven years ago, I sat down with my sister to discuss her health and wellness. She took the best first step needed in a fitness journey.. committing to the process! After helping Christina with exercising, and working with her on food choices and building recipes, she has lost nearly 80 pounds and is down 7 clothing sizes! Christina is stronger, more fit, and more confident than we ever dreamed was possible. Now, fitness is a huge part of her life and has strengthened her personal relationships and overall positive outlook on life. Her story truly embodies what West Kept Secret is and why we get up everyday.”


How do you motivate yourself to work out when you’re not in the mood?
“I try to make exercise as habitual as brushing my teeth. It was a choice in my life that is part of my routine now.. a part that I don’t even second guess. Since exercise has become such a large part of my daily schedule, it’s something I’m excited about doing and an outlet for myself. I know the sweat and the work will produce results, so I do it. Additionally, I can’t imagine preaching anything to my clients that I don’t do myself. I feel that it’s important for me to maintain a certain lifestyle and fit level in order to be credible in running a fitness-based business, so that is also something that motivates me on those rainy days!”

What are some of the things you and/or WKS have planned for the future?
“WKS has grown from a personal training, 1-on-1 based concept, to running multiple small group classes at the WKS studio (4-5 participants), large group classes (16-20 participants) at a local upscale fitness boutique (@fitatelier), and hiring my first employee, WKS Master Trainer (@hlsweat)! While there are definitely a lot more exciting things coming, it’s all a west kept secret for now ☺”

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