Sun Kissed Sun Care

May 14, 2018    | By Lisa Ju

With summer just around the corner, it’s important for our
Beau Babes to really start making sun care a priority. In our late teens and early twenties, it’s so easy to take our skin for granted. Drinking to excess, not hydrating enough, “what skincare regime?”, and being tanaholics! At the first sign of Summer’s rays, we’re outside in our bikinis, poolside, working on looking kissed by the sun. I get it – who doesn’t look better, thinner, and more put together with a tan?


And then we see our first wrinkle, and our world comes to a halt. We ask ourselves “why didn’t I take better care of my skin”? While botox and other injectables may be one solution, we should be focusing on preventative care – preventing the wrinkles, and not having to address those skin nightmares once they’re here to stay.

So some advice from someone in their approaching their big 3-0.

If you’re in your early to mid 20’s… start now! Invest in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. You’ve seen those pictures of older ladies with parched, cracked skin, right? Start now, and you will thank yourself later. And let’s not forget the list of scary health conditions that come with unprotected skin – sun spots, skin cancer, and the list goes on.

For our babes that are in their 30’s or slowly approaching… this is the perfect time to become knowledgeable, and take action. Create a habit, and stick with it!  And when you and your girls are hitting the pool or outdoors in any and all conditions, don’t forget to put on that SPF. While your girls who neglected to protect their skin from the sun is looking cracked and dry in their later years, you’ll not only have beautiful skin, but healthy skin.

Sun care musts:

  • Insteading of going to your local Palm Beach Tan and laying in a tanning bed, opt in to getting a spray tan. While this is a more pricey option, it beats getting those harmful UV rays.
  • OR – quit the tanning salons all together, and do your wallet a favor! Get some sunless tanning products you can do at home, for fractions of the cost. While it does take some minimal work, you can do it at the comforts of your own home, don’t need to drive anywhere, and you can put those extra $10-40 extra dollars a week into a vacay fund.
  • Here are the sunless tanning products I recommend to get you started (links to products included – high end and more affordable end):