MAY 2018 BEAU BAG: Pretty + Modern Undies for the Win

May 1, 2018     | By Sofia Smith

Basic necessities don’t have to be boring. Or ugly. Let’s face it ladies, we all have a handful of undies in our underwear drawer that we would literally die if anyone found out about. Putting on those tattered, rag-like undies do no good to your soul when you hike them up in desperate need of clean chonies on Monday morning. Not cute, but we get it. You were just too busy living your best life to do laundry, you don’t live with your mom anymore, and adulting is like really, really hard.

Well don’t let your undie game fail miserably- just sign up for some Beau Undies!


In our May Beau Bag you’ll find best of both worlds – something pretty and something modern. Because you’re both and so should your undies!

Something Pretty

The Amaryllis Cheeky released in our May Beau Bags are offered in Soft Pink and Black. These pieces have the prettiest lace details that will make you feel like a freaking princess. And a comfortable one at that. These cheekies have a silky soft fabric in the front, cotton liner, sheer lace back and lace trim details all around.


Something Modern

Everyone needs this basic thong in their undie collection. The Senna Thong has a low rise fit, a trendy straight geometric waistband, cotton liner and an overall modern feel. If “basic” and “modern” had a baby it would be our Senna thong. This undie is a great go-to for any day of the week and is offered in black and navy.


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