APRIL 2018 BEAU BAG: Seamless Undies Just Got Better

April 1, 2018     | By Rebecca Houston

If you thought you loved seamless undies, get ready to fall in love all over again.

Beau Undie’s Silky Seamless undies released in April month’s Beau Bag is about to raise your seamless standards. With a soft velvety touch, the fabric of the lightweight Silky Seamless is one you won’t be able to resist.


The comfort level of the Silky Seamless undie is something out of this world. The fabric is thinner than the average swimsuit-like seamless, making it the most comfortable undies you’ve ever worn.  

“I had to check to see if I was wearing underwear. You literally can’t feel them. They’re really that comfortable!” – Jessica Meany, 24

The lightweight fabric with the cotton liner also makes it super breathable, something your lady part down there will really thank you for.

April’s Silky Seamless undies are also offered in the prettiest pastel palettes!


Silky Seamless Thongs are offered in light grey and baby blue and the Silky Seamless Cheekies are available in pink mauve and black.

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