May 3, 2018    |    By Hannah Bush, PhD

Confident women. We either are one, know one, or strive to be one. The reality of it is that we actually all can be one if we started to think and act like the confident female we were born to be. Most confident women usually have an established set of habits that they use to channel their self-confidence. So what are they?

Below are 3 ways to help you be the best, most confident YOU:

  1.       Get Active and Eat Well

There’s no secret or shortcut here. A clean diet and regular exercise will make you feel good about yourself like no one else can. It’s hard, we know, and it’s okay to have the occasional treat or cheat day. Just make sure to schedule in your workout sessions regularly and meal prep as often as possible. And when you see them come up on  your to-do list, treat them like they’re just as important as a business meeting or an exam you won’t be able to make up. Because the reality is, your health and your happiness are actually much more important.

  1.      Be Kind to Yourself

We all know we should weed out the negative people in our lives, but let’s take a minute and think about the things we say to ourselves. Are they uplifting? Is the tone positive? The way you talk to yourself really affects your self-confidence and talking kindly to yourself can really uplift your mood and help present the best you. You can better manage the self-talk in your mind by focusing on all the things you love about yourself and phrase them in sentences starting with “I am…”. These are your daily affirmations, and work best if you make them descriptive and personal (i.e. I am strong and healthy, I am a great cook, I am a really great mother, I am beautiful…). I know it sounds silly, but there’s a reason why so many successful, confident women out there believe in this technique –  it works. Repeat your affirmations daily and you will surely see a boost in your confidence level.

  1.      Dress to Impress

Most people dress to impress others, but really you should be dressing to impress yourself! When you think you look good,  you feel good and when you feel good, you can’t help but exude confidence. Just be careful not to let other people’s opinions on how you look sway your opinion on how you feel about the way you look. If the neon orange pants makes you feel like a rockstar, go ahead and rock it. Sexy, cute undies have a secret little way of making you feel like a queen, so don’t forget to treat yourself to some sexy undies. Subscribe to Beau Undies to get monthly pairs so that you’ll never run out of a little confidence booster. When you’re looking and feeling your best, you are unstoppable!